2-Day Tubular Training Course

(with Optional 3rd Day)

September 10, 11 & 12 in Houston, TX

This 2-day course covers the relevant subjects required to understand the structural mechanics of downhole tubular design. Material aspects, connection selection, performance properties, load cases and design factors are just a few of the many topics that are covered. Participants are encouraged to bring in casing designs from the past and present to use as in-class examples for calculation and discussion. A special emphasis on horizontal aspects will be included. The bonus third day looks at interactive stresses from multiple fracturing events.

Day 1 - Introduction to Casing Design

  • Introduction to Casing & Tubing Design - Instructor and student introductions are made in order to familiarize the instructor with each participant’s background. A casing design overview is provided and the course outline is discussed.

    • Objectives

    • Method

  • Material Aspects - This section takes an in depth look at the material aspects of design. Basic material science concepts are followed by a brief look at ISO 15156.

    • Pipe Mechanics

    • Sour Service (H2S)

  • Casing Loading & Design Considerations - The most common drilling load cases are presented.

    • Drilling Casing Load Cases

  • Fundamental Design Principles - Load calculation methods for burst and collapse design factors are presented.

    • Burst & Collapse

      • Burst with Class Exercise

      • Collapse with Class Exercise

Day 2 - Fundamental Design Principles

  • Connection Selection - The components of a connection and connection selection techniques are discussed.

    • API

    • Semi-Premium

    • Premium

  • Fundamental Design Principles (cont.) – Load calculation methods for the tension, compression, and triaxial design factors are presented.

    • Service Life Design Methods

      • Buoyancy & Pressure-Area Method

      • Tension/Compression with Class Exercise

      • Triaxial with Class Exercise

  • Casing Loading and Design Considerations – The most common production casing load cases are presented with special emphasis on the Casing Frac load case.

    • Production Casing Load Cases

  • Permian Well Design – A discussion of lessons learned from past Permian well designs.

    • Connection Selection

    • Rig Practices

    • Inventory

    • Doglegs

    • Torque & Drag

Day 3 - Casing Damage and Failures During Fracturing

  • Casing Damage - Casing damage during and immediately after hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells is on the rise, especially as in-fill wells are added, jobs are bigger, frac spacing is getting closer and well spacing is little more than a stone’s throw away.  There are nearly a dozen direct drivers of this type of damage and often multiple factors are involved.  This course offers a look beyond the static pipe designs and drilling plans into the world of highly interactive stresses created by multiple fracturing events in horizontal wells. Case histories will dominate the discussion with added information on erosion, mechanical damage and chemical reactions.



Peter Erpelding, P.E.

Tubular Design & Training Team Lead

Peter Erpelding, P.E. is a consulting engineer for Viking Engineering and specializes in mechanical and thermal analysis of drilling and completion equipment.  Mr. Erpelding is heavily involved in engineering projects involving deep water, high pressure, high temperature, and highly corrosive reservoirs.  He has conducted numerous software training courses, and casing/tubing design seminars.  Prior to working for Viking, he spent four years with Schlumberger, and seven years with OTS.  He has an additional seven years of teaching experience in the fields of Reactor Physics, Thermodynamics, and Heat Transfer.  He has served on the faculty of the U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School, and Johns Hopkins University.


George King

Production & Operations Team Lead

George E. King is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Oklahoma with over 44 years oilfield experience since starting with Amoco Production Research in 1971. He has a BS degree majoring in Chemistry from Oklahoma State University and a BS in Chemical Engineering and a MS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa.

His technical career started with Amoco Research in 1971 under the supervision R.C. Fast (co-inventor of hydraulic fracturing) with world-wide work focusing on energized fracturing, production operations, workovers and unconventional formations including North Sea chalks (Valhall Field), U.S. shales (Niobrara), and tight gas completions (Wattenburg). In 1999 he joined BP-Amoco in Houston where he was promoted to Distinguished Advisor.  In 2008, he retired to help Rimrock Energy in Denver and began working on unconventional reservoirs and continued the work by joining Apache Corporation in 2009, where, in 2012 he was promoted to Apache’s top engineering level of Distinguished Engineering Advisor. After semi-retiring in September 2018, he accepted an offered position in Viking Engineering where he continues to consult on shale wells, well construction, well intervention and fracturing.

Technical accomplishments include over 85 technical papers, book chapters and industry articles and he has served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tulsa from 1988 to 1998, teaching well completions, workovers and stimulations in night classes. He regularly presents invited guest lectures at Universities in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas.

Some of Our Most Recent Reviews

Excellent class; will use Viking again in the future for training needs
Fit for purpose, not excessive. The fact that you guys used a Chevron well for the training really made it awesome as we could see results associated with designs that we are used to


Date: September 10, 11 (12th is optional)

Time: 8am - 4pm

Location: 16360 Park Ten Place, Suite 101, Houston, TX 77084

  • Light Breakfast and Lunch will be served

  • Cost $1,500/student in advance for Sept 10, 11 Only

  • Cost $2,000/student in advance for Sept 10, 11 & 12

  • 16hrs PDH Credit


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