QA/TPI Surveillance

The Viking QA Team offers the following QA/TPI Surveillance services:


Material Logistics and Inventory Control

Rig Site OCTG Running & Installation Evaluations

Project Quality Management

Project Quality Coordination

Administrative Staff

Auditing – ISO 9001 or API Q1, 9th edition

  • Qualification / Vendor Audits / Assessment
  • Customer Audits / Assessment
  • Internal Audits

Technical Writing

  • Specifications
  • Procedures
  • Guidelines

Quality Engineering

  • QA/QC Plans
  • Inspection Test Plans
  • Failure Investigation

Third Party Inspection

  • Mill Surveillance
  • Post Mill Inspection
  • Threading
  • Vendor Surveillance

Specialized QA Services

The Viking QA Team provides experienced and competent QA & TPI Inspectors around the globe, providing mill, post mill and vendor surveillance on critical casing and/or tubing strings, drill pipe, line pipe, downhole engineered equipment and accessory items.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Subsurface / Surface Wellbore Equipment

  • Wellhead & Christmas Trees
  • Production Tubing String
  • Flow Nipples, Collars & Pup Joints
  • Chemical Injection and Pressure/Temperature Mandrels
  • Gas Lift Mandrels
  • Packers
  • Isolation Valves
  • Perforating Equipment
  • SCSSV’s
  • Screen & Blank Assemblies
  • Rental/Running Tool Equipment – Subsea Tools, Brushes, Scrapers, etc.

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG’s)




Pup Joints


Drill Pipe / Drill Collars


Tool Joints


Line Pipe

Transmission Lines

Gathering Lines




It is critical that all of the products listed above be manufactured, inspected, and tested in accordance to API and the manufacturer and/or customer requirements to minimize in-service problems and/or failures.

Listed below are a few areas of specific services we recommend and provide associated with products listed above during the manufacturing, inspection, threading and testing of these components. Depending on the product and service condition in which it will be utilized, will determine the specific recommendations, including, but not limited to:

Establishment of a Quality Plan & Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s)

This plan should denote the critical products, sequence of manufacturing, inspection and testing operation, listing of procedures governing the operation, and defined surveillance levels by the customer.

Verification of Critical Dimensions on Critical Products / Components

Viking’s QA Team will monitor the gaging and/or review the critical dimensions on products/components specifying critical tolerances and/or require specific “fit-up”.

Verify Compliance of Material Test Reports

Viking’s QA Team will review the MTR’s on products to ensure they meet API, Industry standards and the manufacturers’ requirements.

Monitor / Witness NDE & Mechanical Testing on Products

Viking’s QA Team will monitor and/or verify that the supplier performs the appropriate NDE inspection as required and that the inspection is conducted in accordance to the manufacturers’ and/or inspection companies’ procedure.  Mechanical testing and test results will be monitored/witnessed for compliance to stated requirements.   

Witness QA Set-out, Hardness Testing, Component Verification, Assembly, Drift, Functional & Hydrostatic/Gas Pressure Testing, where applicable

Viking’s QA personnel will review the traceability on components prior to assembly, verify MTR’s and their compliance, and witness the functional testing of the final component(s) and/or assembly. Viking will ensure that all testing meets API, industry standards and/or manufacturers’ requirements. Hardness testing and test results will be monitored and verified on NACE identified component(s).

Witness Re-gage by Thread Manufacture of All Premium Connections, where applicable Witness Torque-turn/time Make-ups of All Premium Connections Associated with All Accessory Items & Couplings Review & Approve Final Documentation Package

This should include MTR’s, Dimensional, NDE, Testing reports, Shipping list, Torque/Turn charts, Thread certifications, etc.