Optimization of HPHT Wells: Reducing the Cost of Design Integrity

D.M. Watkins (Oil Technology Services Inc.) | R.E. Johnson (Oil Technology Services Inc.) | G.R. Moe (Oil Technology Services Inc.)


Optimization of easing and tubing designs for critical wells has become increasingly important for economic reasons. This paper describes an investigation into the relationship between design criteria (minimum acceptable design factors and maximum acceptable number of pipes) and cost. The measurement of design integrity by both design factors and by probability of failure was evaluated with respect to reduction of costs. The results indicate that significant cost reductions, often on the order of 10-20%, are available by optimization of the string design.

  • Document ID: OTC-7538-MS
  • Publisher: Offshore Technology Conference
  • Source: Offshore Technology Conference, 1-4 May, Houston, Texas
  • Publication Date: 1994

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