Joining of Dissimilar Aluminum Alloys and Other Metals and Alloys by Friction-Stir Welding,

L.E. Murr, G. Sharma, M. Guerra, et al.


A wide range of aluminum alloys and other metals and alloys, particularly dissimilar materials, have been friction-stir welded in this study. These include Al 5052/Al 7075, Al 7075/Al 2017, Al 5052/Al 2017, Al 7×1×(Sc)/Al 7×5×(Sc), Cu/brass, and 6061 Al with a thin Cu sheet in the butted seam to observe particulate flow in the dynamically recrystallized regime which facilitates solid-state welding. A 62Be38Al powder metallurgy composite was also friction-stir welded and in contrast to degradation of the weld in some systems by as much as 60%, the weld zone hardness increased by more then 40% as a consequence of recrystallization and homogeneous mixing of hard, fine Be grains and Al binder grains. Differences in recrystallization and material flow to create a weld are examined by microstructural observations involving light metallography and transmission electron microscopy.

  • Publisher: New Orleans, LA: The Minerals Metals and Materials Society
  • Source: TMS Annual Meeting
  • Publication Date: December 1, 2001

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