Application of Vacuum Insulated Tubing to Mitigate Annular Pressure Buildup

J.H. Azzola (Thermal Science Inc.) | D.P. Tselepidakis (Fluent Inc.) | P.D. Pattillo (BP America) | J.F. Richey (BP America) | S.J. Tinker (BP America) | R.A. Miller (Viking Engineering) | S.J. Segreto (Tube-Alloy Products)


Vacuum insulated tubing (VIT) has been used successfully to mitigate the potentially harmful effects of annular pressure buildup (APB). In a recent deepwater installation, the subject well had lost alternate APB mitigation capability through a series of events. VIT was then chosen as the only viable technology.

A common design companion of VIT is gelled brine, chosen to decrease annular natural convection driven by heat loss around the VIT connections.

  • Document ID: SPE-90232-MS
  • Publisher: Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Source: SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 26-29 September, Houston, Texas
  • Publication Date: 2004

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