Advanced Technology Solutions for Next Generation HPHT Wells

Michael Lyle Payne (BP plc) | David Pattillo (BP) | Richard Miller | Carl Kenneth Johnson (Viking Engineering LLC)


This paper describes research efforts and technology development associated with the next generation of high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) well designs. Sometimes referred to as x-HPHT (extreme HPHT), work has been ongoing for several years looking at the next generation of HPHT wells for both subsea and shelf/onshore operations. A large number of challenges arise when addressing the engineering of HPHT wells. This paper will not attempt to cover all such topics but will focus on some critical technology areas which underlie key well design and planning issues. In depth discussions are specifically provided on advanced material testing and qualification, heavy load handling, and high temperature electronics. BP is at the forefront of many of these technologies and is working with industry partners to advance capabilities and assurance in these areas.

  • Document ID: IPTC-11463-MS
  • Publisher: International Petroleum Technology Conference
  • Source: International Petroleum Technology Conference, 4-6 December, Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Publication Date: 2003

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