Critical Well Engineering Services

Our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive, cost effective well planning and design for the most difficult oil and gas wells.

We can help with HPHT, deepwater, corrosive, or other challenging well designs. Viking principals have each worked for over 25 years with major and independent operators.

Our engineers are experienced with onshore, shelf, and deepwater drilling, and work regularly on domestic and international projects. Our client base is made up of major and independent operators, as well as manufacturers and legal firms. We're ready to take on your toughest wells.

Petroleum Consulting

Viking is ready to take on your toughest wells by providing analysis and engineering support and trouble shooting from well construction to well abandonment and decommissioning.

Petroleum consulting expertise includes:

  • Well Completion Design & Analysis
  • Production Engineering Support
  • Well Production Operations Support & Troubleshooting
  • Flow Assurance & Thermal Modeling
  • Well Abandonment & Decommissioning Support
  • QA/TPI Surveillance

Multi-String Analysis

Viking has been involved in a variety of deepwater multi-string analyses. 

We were privileged to participate in an engineering team at BP that studied APB and its mitigation technologies. This effort helped the team win the award for technical achievement. 

  •  Annular Pressure Build-up (APB) Analysis
  • Evaluation of APB Mitigation Techniques
  • Producing Operating Envelopes
  • Definition of Stuck Points and Anchor Points
  •  Balance of Forces During Thermal Events
  • Net Forces / Movement at Surface (Wellhead Movement)
VIKING's "A" Annulus Operating Window

VIKING's "A" Annulus Operating Window

Downhole Material Selection

From hydrogen sulfide stress cracking, carbon dioxide corrosion, to difficulties surrounding packer fluid selection, Viking assists its clients in specifying the right material for each well's environment.

  • Producing Environment Assessment
  • Matching Tubulars to Production
  • Material Selection for HPHT Well Designs
  • Downhole Inhibition Recommendations
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloy Recommendations
  • Sour Service Evaluation and Testing
  • Wellhead Material Evaluation
  • Mill Surveillance

Well Construction

The Viking team has experience designing and drilling throughout most of the major, domestic oil and gas basins, and numerous international locations.

Viking's engineers are highly experienced with all aspects of Well Construction including, but not limited to:

  • Well Planning and Configuration
    • Onshore, GOM, Deepwater and International
    • Project Management
  • Casing and Tubing Design and Analysis
    • Including HPHT, deep, sour wells
    • Connection recommendations
  • Equipment Specifications
    • Matching Equipment to the Production Plans
    • Detailed Tubular and Wellhead Specifications
    • Procurement Solutions & Specifications
    • Tubular Inspection & Running Practices

well construction for oil and gas
Triaxial Performance

QA/TPI Surveillance

The Viking QA Team is a leader in the industry in providing specialized QA services. The Viking QA Team provides experienced and competent QA & TPI Inspectors around the globe, providing mill, post mill and vendor surveillance on critical casing and/or tubing strings, drill pipe, line pipe, downhole engineered equipment and accessory items. 

Failure Analysis & Investigation

Our engineers have investigated a wide range of material failures from downhole tubular and bottom hole assemblies to surface wellhead and production equipment.  We can provide expertise from sample collection to the courtroom, if necessary. In addition, we can also help our clients avoid future problems by providing design modifications based on the failure causes.