The GATE Flow Assurance and Operations Readiness Team along with the Viking team has joined forces to merge the mechanical and dynamic thermal-hydraulic aspects to bring a true systems approach to annulus pressure management. By combining these two aspects of well design and integrity management, we offer more robust:

  • Annular Pressure Buildup Evaluations
  • Annulus Pressure Management Guidelines
  • Thermal Well Modeling

Annular Pressure Buildup (APB) Modeling - VIKING's WEll Annulus Operating Windows

Multi-String Annular Pressure Buildup (APB) Modeling involves the evaluation of the pressure increase in the various casing annuli during transient well operations. This APB Modeling along with the development of the Annulus Operating Window, developed exclusively by the Viking team, provides operators with all mechanical limitations of the subject well.

Annulus Pressure Management
Initial Well Ramp-Up & Initial Startup

Annulus Pressure Management Guidelines - Initial Well Ramp-up & Initial Startup Planning Optimization

By linking Viking's well operating envelopes with the initial startup flow assurance modeling performed by the GATE Flow Assurance team, we can anticipate well shut-in requirements for annular pressure management operations during the initial startup phase. This then allows for more robust development of initial startup plans and procedures by the GATE Operations Readiness team, taking into account flow assurance risks and mitigation plans.

Initial Well Ramp-Up & Initial Startup
Initial Well Ramp-Up & Initial Startup

Thermal WEll Modeling - Precision in Determining Flowing Wellhead Temperatures

Viking software tools such as WellCat®, that incorporates all components of the well, linked with GATE transient thermal-hydraulic models, such as OLGA®, allows us to optimize heat transfer calculations from the sandface to the wellhead. We can then predict and verify thermal-hydraulic performance of the wells being investigated not only during steady-state, but during transient operations (i.e. Initial Well Ramp-up, Well Shutdowns, etc.).

Thermal Modeling